Driver Recognition


The latest addition to our driver recognition program is the Focused on Safety Incentive Program, which began in May 2008. Drivers receive "points" for meeting certain safety objectives and/or for completing various types of safety-related training.

Drivers receive a merchandise catalog displaying hundreds of items available for redemption based on the level of points earned. Drivers can accumulate a maximum of 22,000 points during a year. Specifc points awarded and eligibility guidelines can be found in the Focused on Safety Incentive Program Guide.

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USA Truck recognizes that drivers are the backbone of our business. Two Driver Appreciation events, one in late winter and one in late summer, provide an opportunity for the Company to show appreciation for the tremendous contributions drivers make to the success of USA Truck.

These events, held at various terminal locations, provide drivers with an opportunity to enjoy great food and a chance to win prizes. The winter Driver Appreciation event is a three-day celebration. Our week long summer event coincides with National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.



One Million Miles…….Imagine That!
That is 180 round trips from New York to Los Angeles.
Or, if you drove at 60 miles per hour, to reach 1,000,000 miles would take 16,667 hours of continuous driving.

That would be 694.44 days non-stop.

Can you imagine 99.2 weeks of driving continuously to reach 1,000,000 miles? In fact, that would be almost 2 full years WITHOUT stopping.
Thankfully, all of our Million Mile drivers have stopped and rested and have safely completed over  TWO-HUNDRED MILLION MILES together.

Million Mile Banquet


There are four levels to the President’s Million-Mile Membership. Level One: Bronze – Drivers that have successfully completed one million accident free miles. Level Two: Silver – Drivers that have successfully completed two million accident free miles. Level Three: Gold – Drivers that have successfully completed three million accident free miles. Level Four: Platinum – Drivers that have successfully completed four million accident free miles. Any driver who has driven one million accident free miles is eligible to be inducted into this exclusive organization. However, at least 250,000 accident free miles must be driven at USA Truck. The driver is responsible for furnishing proof of the number of years of accident free miles from a previous employer. If the driver is unable to provide the number of miles from the previous employer, their miles will then be calculated at 125,000 miles per year. A driver will remain in the membership as long as they are actively employed with USA Truck, Inc.; however, miles for the previous year will be lost should that driver incur a preventable accident during that year.


Our drivers are recognized for every year of accident free service! USA truck awards each driver a new certificate, safe driving patch, and incentive points through our FOCUSED ON SAFETY INCENTIVE PROGRAM for each year of accident free service.




A driver must complete 12 months of accident free driving (no preventable accidents) and have no lost time over seven (7) days, other than approved time off and vacation. A driver’s time is computed from his/her vacation anniversary date on a 12- month rolling basis. Should a driver have a preventable accident or incur any lost time, their new date will commence on the date of that occurrence (referred to as an event date).