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Power Only/Plus Power

Plus Power has the capability to incorporate contracted truck capacity into our vast freight network and dedicated projects utilizing our USA Truck-owned trailers. This benefits our customers by allowing for more flexibility while presenting a strong brand. Our fully-vetted carriers are monitored regularly for compliance through a dedicated carrier relations team. Plus Power gives you drop-and-hook and shared trailer pool capability and capacity with our Truckload offering. Last but not least, our customers enjoy the added value that consistent professional drivers bring in the form of increased service levels and stable, long-term relationships.

When growing freight demands exceed your private fleet’s capacity, creative solutions are needed. Our Power Only service allows you to augment your existing operations without significant disruptions, by pairing your company owned trailers with the power capacity you require while utilizing your own trailers.

USA Truck
USA Truck

Benefits of Plus P include:

  • Use of MacroPoint tracking and EDI check calls as needed
  • Time sensitive on-boarding of new carriers or adding drivers from existing carriers
  • Capability to quickly add surge and dedicated capacity
  • TMW fleet management of +P trucks
  • No market/region or length of haul restrictions
  • Can add and subtract capacity as needed at minimal cost

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