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Equity…What is it?

Equity…What is it?

Equity in an organization is the existence of fair and available opportunities for employees regardless of demographics or personal identifications. This happens when the organization acknowledges each employee’s diverse characteristics and allocates resources to provide tools and programs for employee self-development, professional growth, and overall success. Equity should be a focus in promotions, opportunities to learn, scholarships and mentorships. It’s the process of breaking down barriers that put people at a disadvantage.  These disadvantages can be abstract such as bias or stereotypes, or concrete, such as a lack of wheelchair ramps. Each of us has a responsibility to be curious about equity, ask questions and work to close the gap.

A good rule of thumb to understanding equity is: one size does not fit all.

Why is it important?

Equity a is process through which we strive for equality in the organization. Equity promotes employee engagement, better business outcomes and higher retention rates because everyone, despite their beginnings, has access to equitable opportunities and a fair chance at success. It opens opportunities for employees who may have been marginalized or disadvantaged by external circumstances.

What is USAT doing with respect to it?

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee is working with our CPO Shauna Jamison and the HR team to provide equitable opportunities at USAT for all employees. We are working on processes that will allocate resources to ensure each employee has the resources to succeed. We are also working on mentorship programs, internships, and training to ensure we are promoting opportunities for each employee to grow within our organization.