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What Does Diversity Even Mean?

What does Diversity even mean?

We’ve heard about our company’s commitment to diversity, but what does that word mean? And what does it really mean to us?

Diversity is a word that describes the mixture of differences in a group. If a group has more differences, it is more diverse, and visa-versa. Diversity in an organization is made up by the individual differences people identify with in both personal characteristics and professional characteristics. Personal characteristics are demographic factors and may include socioeconomic status, language, ability, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and veteran status. Professional characteristics are role-related factors and may include tenure, job family and level, work location, education and training and leadership responsibilities.

The key: Diversity is about representation in a group.

Why is it important?

Organizations and teams that are more diverse, are also more innovative and more collaborative. Hundreds of studies have been conducted on the subject, and they show that the benefits of diverse and inclusive teams are too significant to be ignored: higher productivity, lower turnover, better financial returns, more focus on facts, greater market capture, more creativity, etc. The list goes on.

Each individual is a mix of identities and experiences which provides them with unique thoughts and views. We need each of those perspectives to synergize the best solutions in our business.

Finally, self-determination, individual responsibility and success through meritocracy are core tenants of American culture. To succeed, people need opportunities. Only people who are present can be given those opportunities to succeed. By cultivating diversity we’re giving more people opportunities to achieve success by bringing their full self into the mix.

The key:  Diversity leads to better business outcomes. And it’s the right thing to do.

What is USAT doing?

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee is working with our CPO Shauna Jamison and the HR team to educate, celebrate and facilitate diversity in our workplace. We’re aligning our hiring, retention, and promotion activities with best practices to ensure we’re getting and keeping talented individuals across the spectrum of characteristics discussed above, and more. We’re working to harness the dynamism and resiliency that a diverse workforce builds, for the continued growth and success of USAT!