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How to optimize your loads with our Plus Power Planners?

At USA Truck, we understand that the load’s quality can be more important and beneficial than the quantity. Having a ton of loads that are priced below the market rate and accepting them due to lack of time or patience to look for more will not be the case if you become part of the Plus Power Program.   

Our fantastic team of industry experts and professionals work hard to give you back your time while they take care of the heavy lifting.   

With our Plus Power Carrier Managers, you’ll have access to industry insights and strategic load management, allowing you to focus on growing your business and for your drivers to focus on driving safely.  

Every mile counts.  

Making the most out of every mile is the way to go at USA Truck. The way we do it is simple; our Personal Planners make sure you will maximize your trips, considering that there’s always a trip back that can be utilized with every trip you make.   

Each mile must be considered to make the most out of your entire trip. Once on the road, our Personal Planners and Plus Power Carrier Managers take care of the planning process.   

Planning ahead. 

At USA Truck, we are interested in providing the best solutions for your load management needs. An essential element within load management is planning ahead and not just preparing for the day-to-day. We want you and your drivers to know exactly what their plan will be for the following days. For example, if there’s a long weekend coming up, our Personal Planners will work hard to give you a detailed schedule, sometimes three days ahead.   

With this schedule, you will be able to plan out your days and know where you’ll be on specific dates and times—allowing you to be more organized and carry out your deliveries on time. 

Creating strong work relationships.

Having a Personal Planner as a single point of contact is essential since they will manage the entire communication process and give you the required information for everything to flow seamlessly.  

Plus Power Carrier Managers will also get to know your business and your drivers, which will enable them to create great relationships, understanding, and a more efficient workflow.   

Getting to know your business and drivers will give our Personal Planners the insight they need to plan out their schedule strategically. Since they will understand your drivers’ preferences, the way they drive, where they like to go, and how they want to organize their work time, as well as their downtime.   

Being part of our Plus Power Program and working with our Personal Planner’s will allow your business to leverage their industry expertise and make the most out of every mile. Maximizing your trips and making sure you earn more on each mile is our priority.   

If you’re interested in becoming part of our fantastic team in our Plus Power Program, call 800-433-0741 or email USATPlusP@usa-truck.com to get started today!