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Meet the Plus Power Team at USA Truck

Mandy Morrow – Plus Power Regional Manager 

Mandy Morrow - Plus Power Regional Manager

Once upon a time, there was a little girl that lived in the country on an old dirt road. At the end of this dirt road lived a chicken farmer, that always had big trucks and trailers driving down her dirt road.  

The little girl always ran out in the middle of the yard with excitement every time one of those trucks would come driving by.  She was determined to signal the driver to honk their horn, and every single time they did just that.  

Hi, my name is Mandy Morrow. I am the Plus Power Regional Manager for USA Truck. I was this little girl, and that is how my love for trucking really started. My dad, who even at almost 70 years old, still manages to work two jobs, has always been a Master Diesel Technician and has also held a truck driving job part-time. When I was younger, he would take the occasional OTR load, and sometimes I could ride along.  These beloved experiences ignited a passion for trucking and a need to provide an exceptional, professional environment for all carriers and their drivers. I believe that truck drivers routinely do not get the respect owed to them in our industry.  They are the single, most important occupation which keeps our country moving, load after load.   

I have been with USA Truck for 16 years.  I do not know how to operate a big rig or back up a 53’ van, but I know how to book quality freight, plan that freight, and maximize revenue per truck, per day.  I can do all of this and still focus on respecting the driver, carrier, and customer. One of my greatest strengths is putting myself in the shoes of our drivers and his/her families and understanding what each go through on a day-to-day basis.  I also have a strong sense of pride in my ability to train and educate others in this industry. 

   Lastly, I would like to thank all the drivers on the road today.  From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for everything you do and go through while out there on our highways.  Thank you for the medical supplies, Clorox wipes, groceries, toilet paper, and for being out there without proper recognition.  You ensure that we, Americans, are provided with all the things we use and touch daily. Don’t just join another power-only program.  Come meet my team and let us prove we are the best.  Let us put the FOCUS back on YOU! 

Shanyn Dedmon – Plus Power Carrier Manager +P Fleet 92 

Shanyn Dedmon - Plus Power Carrier Manager +P Fleet 92

My first steps into USA Truck were in June of 2011, and they were onto the floor of our Intermodal department.  I had been a 911 Dispatcher for years and just needed a change.  

Many trains and one year later, I was asked to assist in constructing a new department.  I had dispatched fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars, but never a truck.  My first day in Plus Power was terrifying.   

Ten years of moons have come and gone, and I wish I could go back and give that girl some advice.  Treat every driver on your fleet like they are your family.  Make sure you give them your best every day.  Build relationships and get to know your team.  Let them know you are here to help them succeed. Oh yeah, and don’t hyperventilate your first day. 

I have several team members who have been with me almost my entire journey.  They are moms, dads, brothers, sisters, and some of them are even grandparents.  When I had my daughter in 2019, many of them where the first to congratulate me and give me tips, they know me well enough to know I definitely needed some help!  They are not just drivers; they are my friends.  They depend on me, and that is a huge responsibility, which I take very seriously.  Fleet 92 has been mine since day one, and it’s as essential to me as each of the men and women who make it successful.  I can maximize revenue, book freight, dispatch loads, keep a truck rolling, and meet all of the numbers that make a dispatcher “successful” on paper.  While these things are crucial, I feel that trust and relationships are the MOST important things on Fleet 92, and I plan to keep it that way.  

Courtney Sebo – Plus Power Carrier Manager +P Fleet 93 

Courtney Sebo - Plus Power Carrier Manager +P Fleet 93

I joined USA Truck in 2015 as a recruiter for the Power Only division.  In two short months, I was extended an offer to join the department as an official carrier manager.

  My journey at USA Truck has taught me many things, the most important being communication.  As a carrier manager, I have had the opportunity to get to know the +P drivers personally. Each one has a story.  I try to cultivate a relationship built on trust and understanding those stories.  I care about each driver on my +P fleet; A fleet affectionately known in our department as “Mama’s Fleet.” 

Robert Heslet – Plus Power Carrier Manager +P Fleet 95 

Robert Heslet - Plus Power Carrier Manager +P Fleet 95

My approach to trucking is velocity – turning the most loads we can with each truck.  Typically, that means the best load that we can pick up and deliver the next day. 

I best characterize our job as balancing the carrier’s needs (typically, revenue per day and rate per mile) with the needs and expectations of the driver (usually, miles per day), and I feel that I do an excellent job at striking that balance. 

How I would describe myself – Dedicated, honest, professional, forward-thinking. 

13 total years in the transportation industry: 

  • 2 in roadside assistance. 
  • 6 years in Operations at USA Truck.  
  • 5 years in the Plus Power Program.  13 total years in the transportation industry: 

Tyler Timmerman – Plus Power Carrier Manager +P Fleet 97 

Tyler Timmerman - Plus Power Carrier Manager +P Fleet 97 

I began my career at USA Truck in May 2006. I never dreamed I would work in transportation, and what started out as just a job has turned into a lifelong, successful career.  

I started my journey in USA Truck’s Maintenance department, scheduling truck services, and eventually, I moved to work with roadside assistance and warranty repairs. I chose to use my experience and moved to Operations, where I held several different titles: Night Dispatcher, Fleet Manager, Floater & Planning Coordinator. I moved between these positions throughout the years. My favorite, but most challenging, was planning freight onto company trucks while coordinating with our Customer Service department, Fleet Operations, and our professional drivers.  I felt the planning role allowed me to help everyone involved with day-to-day operations!

I created many working relationships during my 10 years in Ops, which allowed me to excel in my current role as a Plus Power Carrier Manager. While under my 6 years of supervision, Fleet 97 has been very competitive and will continue to assist many hard-working carriers to succeed in our program. I’m very grateful for the relationships USA Truck has allowed me to create, and I’m looking forward to many more!  Fleet97#MoneyMaker 

Annie Lamb – Plus Power Carrier Manager +P Fleet 98 

Annie Lamb - Plus Power Carrier Manager +P Fleet 98

My name is Annie Lamb, and I began my journey in the trucking industry in 2000. I have worked at USA Truck for 11 years. During my tenure, I have traveled through various departments, such as Accounts Receivable/ Payable, Payroll, Planning, Dispatching, and Dedicated. 

I was blessed 4 years ago by becoming part of the Power Only department. I love feeling like a team with my drivers and carriers.  It’s a wonderful feeling knowing I am helping them support their families while I am supporting mine. While I am working with my drivers, I always try to think of them as MY family.  How would I want my family treated in this situation?  What is best for them?  What will make today and this load easier on them? Fleet 98 is a great team, and I am proud to call them my friends.  I look forward to many more years to come.  

Matt Judkins – Plus Power Carrier Manager +P Fleet 94 

Matt Judkins - Plus Power Carrier Manager +P Fleet 94

My name is Matt Judkins, I have been working at USA Truck since March 2006. I have had various positions during my tenure, and each of them has helped me understand the transportation industry more and more.


I try to build on each experience.  I use that experience to help my carriers and to help our customers become more successful and profitable. I am always upfront and honest with any carrier, mine or otherwise, and I do my best every day. I want them to learn to trust me and vice versa. My wife has also been in the transportation industry since 2001, and my father-in-law just retired from driving after 40 years. He began driving for a small trucking company, and once established, became an Owner/ Operator.  My wife and I have 4 kids; 1 daughter, almost 23, and sons, ages 18, 17, and 14.  They are following in their dad’s footsteps with their love of soccer. I still love playing and practice with them as often as I can.  Another one of my passions is motorcycles.  My dad instilled in me a love of Motocross and had me on a bike at 5 years old.  I feel my sense of family, and personal experiences help me to identify more with my carriers and drivers. So, if you love soccer or motorcycles, I’m your man.  And if you don’t, I would still like to talk to you about something you enjoy. I want everyone to feel like they are in a family on Fleet 94. 

Jackie Molina – Plus Power Carrier Manager +P Fleet 96 

Jackie Molina - Plus Power Carrier Manager +P Fleet 96

My name is Jackie Molina, and I am a carrier manager for the Plus Power department at USA Truck.  Collectively, I have been at USA Truck for 8 years, in 3 different departments.

When I first began at USA Truck, I had no prior experience in trucking or logistics.  Having experience in several departments here at USA Truck has given me a wide spectrum of knowledge about this industry and the process from start to finish.  I enjoy being able to assist my carriers with their day-to-day operations and provide them with quality preplans.  I also am bilingual and pride myself in helping those carriers who may have been unable to get into similar programs due to language barriers.

Mi nombre es Jackie Molina y soy gerente de transporte del departamento de Plus Power en USA Truck. Colectivamente, he estado en USA Truck durante 8 años, en tres departamentos diferentes.
Cuando comencé en USA Truck no tenía experiencia previa en camiones o logística. Tener experiencia en varios departamentos diferentes aquí en USA Truck, me ha brindado un amplio espectro de conocimientos sobre esta industria y el proceso de principio a fin. Disfruto poder ayudar a mis transportistas con sus operaciones diarias, así como proporcionarle planes previos de calidad. También soy bilingüe y me enorgullezco de ayudar a aquellos que no pudieron ingresar a programas similares debido a las barreras del idioma.

Jake Bogner – Plus Power Carrier Manager +P Fleet 91 

Jake Bogner - Plus Power Carrier Manager +P Fleet 91

Being a dispatcher is something of a family business for me. I came into this job trying to fill my dad’s shoes, who was a dispatcher for 24 years at USA Truck.

Many people consider my father one of the best driver managers in USA Truck’s history.  At first, meeting his standards wasn’t easy, but then it all clicked for me. I realized that my number one strength is my need to compete! Hands down, that is what separates me from the other power-only companies.  I want YOU to win! I also really enjoy asking my carriers and drivers what they want to do.  The answer is sometimes a gross revenue amount or a certain amount of miles they expect per week/day.  Whatever it is, I will go above and beyond to achieve it. I don’t like to lose or be the cause of a loss.  My name is Jake Bogner, and I want to help YOU WIN!