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Dedicated Solutions That Work For You

USAT Capacity Solutions provides customized Dedicated solutions to meet the unique needs of your business and your industry. By trusting us to manage your transportation, you can reap the benefits of a private fleet without the many complications that come with it. Let us manage all aspects of the operation, including cost, regulations compliance, service performance, and more so you can focus on your core business. We work with customers of all sizes, so our scalable solutions will improve your distribution network’s efficiency and flexibility while delivering an award-winning service.

We understand your industry

We operate both on-site and centralized customer locations.


  • Time definite, multi-stop routes in support of production and distribution efforts
  • Sequencing operations
  • Cross-border operations into Mexico and Canada
  • Chassis movements

Food & Beverage

  • Lightweight equipment
  • Local & regional multi-stop, driver unload, dry &/or temperature controlled
  • Bulk

Consumer Products

  • Manufacturing/WIP support operations.
  • Distribution
  • Consolidation operations
  • Grocery &/or bargain retail


  • Manufacturing/WIP support operations
  • Specialty equipment or driver engagement

Health Care

  • High value
  • Specialty services

Leverage the power of a 2,000+ unit fleet

  • Get the benefits of supporting technologies, processes, and tools to manage a much more extensive fleet regardless of your fleet size. We will deploy all Safety, Operational, Maintenance, Driver Efficiency/Quality of life enhancers, etc. that we use for our large irregular route fleet for all dedicated fleet operations we service regardless of fleet size (example: 1 driver, 10, 50, 100, 1,000)
  • The Big brother you always wanted — Imagine having 2,000+ units as well as a brokerage group to backstop your fleet operations should you encounter a seasonal surge or worse, an unscheduled need for immediate capacity to operate to all of your operational & service requirements.
  • Do you personally enjoy the benefits of buying in bulk or getting a deal because you aggregated your purchases? You should review and experience the buying power a 2,000+ unit fleet can extend to fleets with fewer units, especially fleets with ten units or less.
  • Enjoy the benefits/power in Networking? You should try experiencing the benefits of integrating with a network supporting 2,000+ trucks and 13,000+ carrier partners on a weekly basis.
  • Our network’s vast & diverse customer base allows us to provide flexible capacity by season to our Dedicated customers and offer priority access to capacity during unforeseen/extreme tightening in capacity either by region &/or across the nation.
  • A Network with Benefits. Beyond the integration of volumes across our network and yours, access our regional operational zones and dray operations to improve your fleet’s efficiency.
  • In the age of hybrids, as we live in very changing times, why have a static fleet? We have options that allow us to provide a hybrid-dedicated fleet that blends dedicated assets in conjunction with our other capacity solutions, thus reducing the overall capital commitment for standard equipment operations.

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USAT Capacity Solutions Dedicated service will reduce your transportation costs and redirect capital back into your core business. We will handle

DOT Regulations and Safety Requirements

  • Extensive knowledge of equipment standards, CSA scores, and driver safety
  • Safety Department maintains our compliance with increasingly stringent regulations
  • Industry-related legal expertise to reduce your risk and liability
  • Provide in-person and online training for drivers


  • Industry-leading systems for 24/7 tracking and reporting already installed in our fleet so no extra expenditure needed for start-up
  • Multiple systems are integrated with our Transportation Management System (TMS) to give us even more control over equipment performance, fuel purchasing, and other variable costs


  • Young fleet requires less extensive maintenance
  • Lower costs by performing our own maintenance
  • Our high standards ensure high quality of work
  • Quick turnaround time with extended hours at maintenance facilities
  • Use high-quality parts and receive discounts for purchasing in large volumes
  • Large network of fuel and maintenance partners across the U.S.


  • Vast network in North America as one of the nation's largest truckload carriers
  • Access to customer base of 900+ companies to provide backhaul freight
  • Savings from backhaul matches are passed on to you
USA Truck Dedicated will improve the efficiency and flexibility of your distribution network. We will provide:


  • In-cab technology installed in entire fleet to maximize asset utilization and operational efficiency
  • Industry leading systems provide 24/7 tracking and reporting
  • Ability to constantly monitor our equipment's performance and provide the driver with guidance on routing and fuel purchasing
  • Our Transportation Management System (TMS) can be easily integrated with your existing technology if necessary


  • Driver Recruiting Department focused on bringing in experienced drivers
  • Access to experienced drivers who are already committed to USA Truck and their career
  • Driver Retention Department focused on assisting drivers with their needs
  • In-person and online training on professional safety
  • Reward and recognize drivers


  • Quick turnaround time with extended hours at maintenance facilities
  • Quality parts and in-depth knowledge of our equipment
  • Maintenance management system integrates with technology on assets to accurately identify and diagnose issues
  • Consistent monitoring and attention minimizes the amount of maintenance-related breakdowns
USA Truck Dedicated will provide you and your customers with quality service that meet and exceed expectations. We will do so by utilizing our:

Assets and Enterprise Services

  • Guaranteed capacity from 2,000+ trucks and 6,000+ trailers
  • Surge support from Truckload, Brokerage (SCS) and Intermodal services
  • Well-maintained equipment minimizes urgent repairs and disruption in operations
  • Options to display your branding on our equipment and driver uniforms


  • Industry-leading systems for 24/7 tracking and reporting already installed in our fleet so no extra expenditure needed for start-up
  • Multiple systems are integrated with our Transportation Management System (TMS) to give us even more control over equipment performance, fuel purchasing and other variable costs
  • Integrated Transportation Management System streamlines our internal and external business processes with you
  • Logistics engineering software is used to analyze your current distribution network and design the optimized Dedicated solution

Benefits of USAT Capacity Solutions Dedicated Services include:

  • Seamless start-up process
  • Better cost management and savings
  • Reduced exposure to risk and liability
  • Guaranteed capacity
  • Support from our assets and enterprise services
  • Expertise to recruit, train and retain professional drivers
  • On-site management and performance reporting
  • Award-winning customer service

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