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As a SmartWay partner and a responsible corporate citizen, USA Truck takes a proactive approach to reducing our carbon footprint. We take recycling and energy conservation seriously. We employ a paperless fax system and maintain our own digital document storage facility to encourage our team members to limit paper usage as much as possible. Our monitors are equipped with an “auto-off” feature to save power when not in use and we utilize LED bulbs to reduce lighting energy output. We even bring food vendors to our home office daily to help reduce carbon emissions and increase productivity among our team members. Each of these components play a role in benefitting the long-term health of our environment.

Our recycling efforts include:

  • Metal cores from truck repairs at all of our maintenance facilities
  • Used bulk oil to be remanufactured into new oil
  • E-waste from our home office and the surrounding community
  • Oil filters that are crushed on site and sent to a recycling facility
  • Batteries that are sent to facilities to be remanufactured
  • All paper waste from our home office is shredded (if needed) and recycled
  • Tire maintenance program that sends retired tires to an EPA-approved reclamation facility


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