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Top 5 Benefits of being part of the Plus Power Program

Having access to year-round freight and not worrying about searching through thousands of loads is any carrier’s dream. Finding the best method to be effective when taking care of business from a holistic standpoint is essential to continue moving forward and being ahead of the game.

In the vast sea of options, finding the best one can be frustrating. That’s why At USA Truck, we have leveraged our subject matter expertise to create a program that aligns with what every carrier and company within the industry actually needs. 

With USAT’s Plus Power Program, your business will be able to access the freight you need, when you need it, and at the best prices in the market.

What are the top 5 benefits of being part of USAT’s Plus Power Program? 

1- Access a steady stream of freight year-round.  

2- Best load assignment.  

3- Save time and money. 

4- Maintenance support and customer services support. 

5- Preplanned loads (1-3 days in advance). 

Let’s expand upon these five significant benefits of USAT’s Plus Power Program.  

Access a steady stream of freight year-round  

With Plus Power Program, you will have access to USA Truck’s entire fleet of trailers, allowing your business always to have loads to haul, which will improve your stability and make every mile count. Your drivers will be assigned to the best loads, making the most out of every one of their journeys.

Best Load Assignment 

Even though having a steady stream of load is imperative, that’s not everything you will need. The loads need to be the best possible, ones where every mile counts. Here’s where being part of the Plus Power Program comes in handy. At USAT, we understand the industry and want our clients to have the best experience with us. That’s why, we know that the quality of the loads is just as important as the quantity.  

With the Plus Power Program, you will be able to access quality loads that will benefit your business, adding efficiency and real optimization to the mix.  

Save Time and Money  

Having your Personal Planner will allow you to save time. Instead of searching through the infinite options within load boards, leave it all to us. Your Personal Planner will take care of this time-consuming task, not just searching and finding loads but assigning the best ones for your business. 

Instead of hiring someone to take care of these time-consuming tasks, avoid these additional costs, and leverage our Personal Planners, with industry insights and expertise, boost your business by providing you with the best loads.

Maintenance Support and Customer Services Support  

At USAT, we know trucks may require last-minute maintenance during journeys or periodically. With our 24/7 maintenance support, this will not be a problem. You will have access to our fantastic crew, who will take care of your trailer whenever you need them. Additionally, you will have complete access to our Customer Services team, who will help you with anything you need while on your journey or beforehand.   

Preplanned loads (1-3 days in advance)  

Keeping your drivers loaded and rolling is exactly what we strive for. With our team’s expertise, we create load plans for your drivers that allow them to have the time they need to deliver their shipment and eat, sleep, and anything they need to feel comfortable, allowing them to be more productive and deliver their loads promptly.

Your drivers will have a full schedule with our preplanned loads without feeling the pressure or having to meet impossible timelines.  

These are just some of the benefits of being part of our Plus Power Program. A program made by industry experts to enable your business to be more profitable by making every one of your miles count. 

Click here to learn more about the USAT’s Plus Power Program and its additional benefits.