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What can you expect with USAT’s Plus Power Program?

During these unprecedented times, any form of stability is welcomed, especially within an industry like transportation and logistics, which requires a steady influx of drivers, loads, and trucks. 

For USA Truck, providing stability for our clients and transportation companies around the country has become a priority. Creating a program that allows our clients to utilize their workforce efficiently enhances their overall performance

What can you expect with our Plus Power Program?  

Being part of a program like Plus Power will allow you to plan and gain the industry advantage your business needs. With year-round freight, 24/7 dispatch and trailer maintenance support, and a personal planner to optimize each trip, your business will improve its overall performance.   

Here’s what you can expect from USAT’s Plus Power Program:  

1. Stability   

With access to our Plus Power Program, you will be able to receive a steady stream of freight day by day. Our Personal Planner will select the best loads for you, optimizing every one of your trips and allowing you to access our top customers at some of the highest industry rates.

2. Time savings   

You don’t have to worry about searching for loads anymore. At USAT, we take care of time-consuming tasks so you can focus con growing your business. Instead of searching through load boards and ending up with a load with low rates and bad hauls, let us take care of planning and take power for your business. 

3. Rewards programs  

Being part of our unique Plus Power Program will allow you to access additional benefits like fuel and maintenance perks.   

Here are some of the benefits:  

  • Twenty-five cents off at Loves, Pilot, and Flying J.   
  • Fifteen cents off at TA and Petros.   

We know how important maintaining your truck our trailer is; that’s why we have created great nationwide alliances to provide the best maintenance for your vehicle. You will receive:  

  • Maintenance discounts at Love’s and Southern Tire Mart   
  • Up to 40% off on PM and oil change services.  
  • Up to 25% off on all tire brands.  

Referral Program 

Our Plus Power Program has grown thanks to the fantastic truck drivers and owners that are already part of it and are benefiting from all its perks. With our referral program, you will receive a bonus for every mile your referral runs with USAT!   

We know the best drivers know the best drivers! Becoming part of our team will allow you to refer as many driver friends you want and cash in on bonuses for every mile they drive.

4. Pay Advances

Advance up to 40% of what the load pays after your loaded call update. You can receive these advances via Comcheck or via our Fuel Comdata Program card. The Fuel Comdata Program card is free, and there is no advance fee! To receive and advance through Comcheck there is a 3% fee with a 10.00 min. 

5. Becoming part of the USA Truck Family  

Joining the Plus Power Program enables you or your company to leverage the expertise of a company like USA Truck’s and access its benefits. It will allow your company to grow without limits and expand its horizons while being part of a fantastic team with its drivers always at the forefront.  

The Plus Power Program was created with a simple purpose: making the most out of every mile you or your drivers travel and having the best environment possible for them to carry out their journeys safely and in a cost-efficient way.   

Being part of our team will give you access to stability with our year-round freight; time savings, as we take care of searching for your loads, additional rewards, and much more! 

Learn more about our Plus Power Program at www.mypluspower.com.