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What is USA Truck’s Plus Power Program and How does it Work?

You don’t have to spend countless hours searching for your truck drivers’ best loads and then have to settle for the worst ones because you lack time.  

Even though there are countless methods to book loads, many carriers still find themselves stuck in this time-consuming task with unproductive results. That’s why finding the right strategy to alleviate workloads to become more productive is essential for your company’s success.  

The Perfect Load Management Solution 

Through our years of experience at USAT, we understand the nuances within the industry and know our clients’ pain points. One of the biggest ones within the transportation and logistics industry is load management.  

At USA Truck, we want to put the focus back on making every mile count and delivering a program where you’ll be able to access year-round freight. No more worrying about booking bad loads or having to spend hours doing so. At USA Truck, we take care of the process for you.  

Personal Planner Feature 

With USAT’s Plus Program, you’ll be able to manage your freight with an assigned Personal Planner who will be in charge of maximizing your revenue.  

Leveraging their industry expertise, your Personal Planner will day by day augment income for every truck you have with us. Finding the best and most profitable loads will allow you to focus on your transporting your shipment and taking care of your business.  

Our Freight, Your Power 

At USAT, we accommodate your needs and preferences. If you are interested in finding and booking your own loads you can sign up to our load board and search through our options.  

With our Plus Power Program, you’ll have time to concentrate on your business while still knowing you’ll have a steady stream of loads for your trucks.  

Contact a recruiter at 800-433-0741 for more details or email USATPlusP@usa-truck.com to get started today! 

Click here for more information on our Plus Power Program!